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Sisi Yemi

Posted at : 12, Feb 2018 05:35 AM


Beauty, intelligence, fun, innovation, adventure and motivation, all in a single package of a great African Mommy. SisiYemmie is a Nigerian lifestyle blogger who studied Mass Communication from Igbinedion University, Nigeria. She also holds a Master’s degree in International Diplomacy from the University of Birmingham, England. She’s married to her long time sweetheart, Yomi Odusanya and they have a beautiful son and a second baby on its way! Eight years ago, she started blogging and has since been known for her stimulating stories and captivating videos of splendid recipes, life as a mom, life in Lagos and so much more.

One great lesson I have learnt from reading her blogposts and watching her videos, is the fact that you can always bring out the fun, the humour and the beautiful lessons in even the worst experiences and turn them into greater things. This totally makes her a down-to-earth and a wonderful African Mommy.

Her blogging and vlogging style is very real because most of what she writes and makes videos about are based on real life experiences. She dishes out her great recipes in fun ways while writing about beauty, relationships, mommy life, career and so much more. Her YouTube Channel displays her life as a mom, wife and a blogger living in Lagos. The weekly series, ‘Life in Lagos’ are totally captivating as she takes us round beautiful spots in the city of Lagos and talks about thrillingand controversial issues.

SisiYemmie has won quite a number of awards for her blogging prowess. In 2014, she won the Online Editor/Blog of the Year Award. She also bagged the Eloy Awards Blogger of the Year Award in 2015 and the City People Entertainment Awards for Blog of the Year and Best Personal Blog.

The truths to learn from this exceptional African Mommy are limitless. Blogging and Vlogging, especially as a wife and mom can never be an easy task but SisiYemmiehas taught us that hard work, willpower and consistency will get you there.

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