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Natural Hair Care

Posted at : 09, Feb 2018 13:14 PM

By TemiladeAshiyanbi


Most of us associate our natural afro/black hair with negative words; ‘challenging’ ‘coarse’ ‘nappy’ ‘tough’ are words thrown around whenever discussion about hair comes up so we opt for relaxers which is considered the “easy” option.


We are however faced with a bigger problem when we become mothers to little curlies so why not change your mind set about curly hair! Gone are the days of sitting on a stool in front of IyaRisi tugging away at your hair while you either cry uncontrollably or suck it up as “beauty is pain” ... We can now boast of many salons and hair practitioners who specialise in natural hair.


A few tips to you on your natural hair journey:


  • Water is your friend, both drinking and applying to your hair.


  • Get a spray bottle. This links to point 1 above as you will need this to spray water in your hair as the first item in your moisturising routine.


  • Moisturise your hair regularly using the L.O.C (Liquid. Oil. Cream) or L.C.O method. The liquid could be water in a spray bottle or leave-in conditioner, the oil could be a homemade mixture of oils (olive oil as a base oil) or shop-bought; and any moisturising hair cream with natural products (best to avoid to hair cream with petroleum products in them).


Happy natural hair journey!


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