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My Omugwo Experience

Posted at : 09, Feb 2018 12:06 PM

By Janet Nsikan

If you know the term Omugwo, pat yourselfon the back. I want to believe that every African woman in Africa, has some form of help when they give birth to a child. Well, that help is termed Omugwo” in the eastern part of Nigeria. This is a practice where an elderly woman, who could be your mommy, mother In-law or any other available woman comes to care for both mother and child for at least 4 to 16 weeks.

Well in my case, my mother in-law came for the Omugwo. She was actually in the labour room with me when I pushed my baby out. Yes! The painful vaginal birth method. After birth, I still had to undergo stitches and I dealt with the pain for weeks.

Thankfully I had the amazing company of my mother in-law who prepared African hot spicy chicken soup along with a rigorous hot water tommy massage, while I sit on a hot water steamy bucket. It was supposed to be a healing process but I was not sure why I usually felt weak from all the stress.  I had to drink warm water for months, which was annoying but I manged.

Since it has been done this way for forever and I wasn’t the first to go through it, I decided to stick with it. The main issue came with my baby. The baby massage!!! I have never seen anything like it. I couldn’t deal.

Babies are more or less manhandled. People say soft massage would make her body weak and stiff. But now she is a year and 3 months looking all strong and flexible but they still say I’m just lucky.

So African Moms how is it done in your part of Africa?


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