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Dressing Your Bump

Posted at : 09, Feb 2018 13:05 PM

By Janet Nsikan

Style can be a challenge while pregnant. You struggle with flaunting your baby bump or hiding it,The easiest way to feel inspired is to browse previous pregnancy looks from some of your favourite fashionable ladies.

pregnancy does not mean giving up on fashion. We don’t need to wear unflattering clothing. Pregnant women can embrace this special time in their lives with style.

Dressing up while pregnant is not nearly as limiting or difficult as it’s made out to be. The technology in fabrics today is amazing, as long as the non-maternity clothes you buy have stretch and give, you’re good to go. This mantra works especially well for the first two trimesters when you can buy a size larger (or two or three) than you would normally wear. Even clothes you already own can work. They may fit differently thought. A dress may become a tunic that you wear over legging. Until you have tried it, don’t “X” anything out.

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