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5 Things to Never Say to a Single Mom

Posted at : 09, Feb 2018 12:59 PM

Diary of a Single Mom: 5 things you should never say to a single mum


As a single mum, I believe some things, as obvious as they might be, are better left unsaid and swept under the carpet. Many times when you feel you're simply being nice or considerate to a single mum, you just sound rude and irritating. Take it from a single mum, avoid saying these things.

1. "Where's the father? Is he involved?"

This always turns me off. I'm a single mom means the father is not here. As long as my kid is happy and well taken care off, why should where the father is matter so much? That single mom probably went through the most painful experience with the father( in some cases). Some are selective single moms. Don't take the smile away from her face by asking about stuff she doesn't like to think about.


2. "Why don't you leave her with her grandparents and move on with your life?"

Move on with my life? Really? This child is my life. If I made the choice to keep her with me and cater for her then it's the best choice for us.

3. How do you do it?

Yay! This supposed to be you admiring me, right? But that's not what it feels like. It just reminds me of all my struggles. Do you want to help me? I don't know how I do it either but it just gets done, every day. If you're not going to help me watch her while I get my hair done or keep her with you for the weekend while I travel somewhere nice, don't ask me how I do it.

4. Do you ever regret?

Why? Why would you even ask this? Many people feel being a single mom means you'll always feel miserable and depressed. In my saddest days, my child is the only one who can put a smile on my face.


5. "It's time for your next baby."

But I'm a single mom and you know this. I probably haven't been able to get it right with any man yet and you're asking me for another baby. You're probably making a joke. It's not funny!

Whether you're single, married or in an open relationship, every parent will encounter some kind of challenge when raising a child. What's the silliest thing anyone has ever asked you as a single mom?

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