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Posted at : 09, Feb 2018 12:09 PM

By TemitopeRotimi

Your child is growing and you have come to the potty training bridge, the next huddle now ishow to cross it? Being potty trained is one of the key accomplishments of childhood. The first thing to consider before taking this step is whether your child is ready biologically and emotionally. Once he starts giving signs like trying to yank off his diaper before going and having some control over his bowel movement. Bear in mind that children are ready for potty training at different times.

These 5 tips can help you potty train your child successfully.

    Purchase a potty chair if you dont own one already. Put it in a spot where your child would be able to locate it easily. Easy access is very helpful in the beginning. Some kids seem scared of the potty chair at first so allow your child to sit on it for as long as she wants with clothes and diapers on like it is a normal chair. This will help her ease into the idea of a potty chair. Once she becomes comfortable sitting on the potty chair, try it without her clothes or diaper on. Talk to your child, explain why the potty chair is important and why urine and stool now belong in the potty and no more in diapers. Also master the signs your child gives when having bowel movements. Some children will tell you while some will only make faces or grunting sounds.
    Sit on the toilet while your child is on the potty chair. This makes it seem perfectly okay to sit on a bowl to go. For boys, it is easier to learn to pee sitting down on the potty because they tend to resist sitting down to poo when they start by standing up to pee. 
    Let your child stay in easy to remove clothing while you’re at home. Clothing such as pants that are easy to pull down without encountering buttons or zippers, a free dress or a skirt. You can also let him run around the house without any pants on.
    Remind your child to try using the potty chair every hour during the day. At night, try setting your alarm to wake you up every hour or two so you can put your child on the potty and wait for her to go. This can be challenging at first but with time your child will be the one to wake up for pee time.
    Tell your extended family members and other caregivers like your child’s teachers and babysitters about the steps you’re taking in your potty training journey so they don’t slow it down.

While you take these steps, remember to always commend your child every time he responds positively to the learning stages. Also, don’t get angry when he makes mistakes. This is very normal especially at the beginning. Never forget, every child is different.

Do share some other potty training tips that worked for you in the comment box.

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